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These Dreams

According to a quick web search- dreams of sheep/ baby lambs are pretty prevalent and (mostly) a good omen. Which would would be great! Except that my dreams are never all tidy and cut and dried like that, are they? (that’d be a hard NO) Why is it that there is a differentiation on sheep… Continue reading These Dreams

Lessons Learned

A year ago today

A year ago today I was heading up north with our convoy of friends, all in Jeep Grand Cherokees (as we do as often as possible). Cruising up I-17 watching the sun extend those first morning rays of sunshine across the gorgeous desert landscape. Listening to the radio, chatting with Jim, and laughing at some… Continue reading A year ago today

Lessons Learned

Eternal Outfit

I find myself wondering about the oddest things some days. Today while grocery shopping I saw a woman that reminded me so much of my Mom. There she was, unobtrusively perusing produce in Fry’s Marketplace, her beautiful, faded red hair straight as rain down her back, standing hip-shod in her faded blue jeans and t-shirt.… Continue reading Eternal Outfit

Lessons Learned

Is it still called a hiatus?

Is it still called a hiatus after 2 years? 24 months? 730 days? Yeah. I don’t know either. I’ve had a lot of shit. Dereply personal shit go down since last we chatted, and quite honestly I have just felt quiet. And numb. Until now. Until today. One very large trigger has awakened my need… Continue reading Is it still called a hiatus?

Lessons Learned

Cracks in the Frame

There are cracks in the family photo frame. Separations from family, and they echo the chasms of this Mother’s pain. Helplessly I watch you walk away. Back to that life of darkness and shame. What can a Mother do? Too little too late, too much too soon? My joy, my light! Backntonself imposed strife. Why… Continue reading Cracks in the Frame

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One Day at a Time-

What is it about us crazy humans that makes us think that whatever pace we are progressing at is NOT fast enough? So and so has lost ALL THIS WEIGHT and I only lost a pound! Or, look at his abs! They are an EIGHT PACK and I am a fat slug! Look, y’all. Rome… Continue reading One Day at a Time-

Lessons Learned

Round 4!

See the bikini there in the third set of pics? IT’S TOO BIG NOW, so she’s shopping for a SMALLER one!😲😰👏👏👏👏 This amazing lady is kicking some SERIOUS ASS and taking names, but she still needs your VOTE! Day 4 ROUND 4! Please log in everyday for 7 days and vote for Janice Loomis Humbarger!… Continue reading Round 4!

Lessons Learned

Beachbody Challenge

Check out Janice Loomis Humbarger! Let me tell you a few things about this little firecracker… and then I need some help from all of you reading this!!! 1. She is also a Beachbody coach on my team 2. She is 50 years old (and SMOKIN’ HOT) 3. She’s lost 47 pounds! 4. She has… Continue reading Beachbody Challenge